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Xbox Live

1 Player Campaign

12 Player Online Multiplayer

Class Customization 5 Slots

10 Prestige's Level Cap 55


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A picture of an MI6 shooting a Grenade Launcher (Noob Tube) at an unlucky player on Crash

The next installment has redefined

Shooters and has set high standards for

years to come. Even a year or so later

we are still playing it. With addictively

fun online and lots of prestige's it 

keeps you plenty busy. It brings you

right to the frontlines like never before.

Tons of campaign levels about the

Middle East fronts along with the

 discovery of some nuclear weapons.

Amazing graphics it is definitely one

of the most photo realistic games ever.

Lots of different online play features and unlockable gun patterns with headshots

Limtied Edition

2007 Game of the Year


Best Graphics of E3 2007

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Call of Duty 4 Limited Edition Box Art