The sequel to the best selling shooter

of all time. Taking the fight to home

fronts and amping up the excitement

and adrenaline. You stray away from

the middle east scene and into vast

other areas of the planet. Still staying

true to the Call of Duty name you

will battle it out with enhanced AI

in campaign continuing the last

Modern Warfare. The game also

features a 2 player coop campaign

which is separate called special ops.

Online multiplayer has been totally revamped with tons of perks, weapons and Prestiges. Most weapons are representatives of the last game but with new attachments and new graphics


Xbox Live

1 Player Campaign

1-2 Player Online Coop

1-12 Player Online Multiplayer


Content Download

Night Vision Goggles


Call of Duty Arcade Download















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Game of the Year 2009

Shooter of the Year 2009


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