Xbox Live

1 Player Campaign

1-4 Player Online Coop

12 Player Online Multiplayer

Class Customization 5 Slots and 5 More Unlockable Ones

10 Prestige's Level Cap 65


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The next installment in the cod series

Call of Duty 5 brings the series back

 to World War 2 battling at the Reich

with fifteen grueling levels that drags

you across the European fronts and

all new online coop with a Nazi

 Zombie Mode with three rooms and

replaceable barricades and buyable

guns. The Campaign allows you to

play as the Russians and the

Americans in an awesome onslaught

 on the Germans. Features the old

cod4 engine with redefined graphics and gory play. With a Death Card on every level that unlocks special features.

Online play is that of cod4 with the addition of Capture the Flag. You can play as The Russians, Japanese, Americans and the Germans.



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