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-Johnny Napalm                  -Izzy Sparks

-Judy Nails                          -Casey Lynch

-Axel Steel                          -Lars Umlaut

-Xavier Stone                      -Midori

-The God of Rock               -The Grim Ripper

-The Devil                           -Tom Morello







Unleash your inner Rock Star in Guitar

Hero's latest edition in the virtual

guitar playing series. It has a large

setlist of 42 songs that are unlockable

 after finishing a set of five songs

 placed due to difficulty The game

 features a total of 73 songs. You play

songs and earn money depending on

how many stars you earn to buy items

such as characters, guitars, finishes,

styles and more. It features boss battles

at every other five songs or an encore.

There is a offline multiplayer game mode

and online coop of up to seven songs or online versus of a 1v1 match of Battle, Faceoff or Pro Faceoff.






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