The stunning end to the Halo 3 trilogy

The covenant control Earth, the Flood

have been unleashed, an ancient secret

unleashed that has been hidden in

Africa for an untold millennia. It is

 up to Spartan 117 (Master Chief)

to stop the covenant and cleanse the

flood. Skulls are hidden throughout

the game that unlock specials for the

campaign. Lots of ever changing

online play for unlimited gameplay.

Has a party system with a maximum

eight person party with an easy to find match system















How Do You Get Recon Armor?

-Simple all you need to get is 7 achievements and create a profile. But what you don't know is that those achievements are super hard to get.


The achievements are as follows




Halo 3



Vidmaster Challenge Annual

-After 9/25/08 complete Halo on 4-Player Legendary co-op with Iron and everyone in Ghosts







Vidmaster Challenge Lightswitch

-Get to the rank of lieutenant in the new EXP progression system

Vidmaster Challenge 7 on 7

-Enter any Ranked or Social playlist on the 7th with 7 EXP

Vidmaster Challenge Brainpan

-Found all the hidden skulls on The Mythic Maps

Halo 3 ODST



Vidmaster Challenge Classic

-Finish a Solo level on Live with no shots fired or grenades thrown





Vidmaster Challenge Déjà Vu

-Complete Highway on 4 Player Lgendary Live co-op with Iron and no Hog or Scorpion

Vidmaster Challenge Endure

-In Firefight on any mission pass the fourth set on 4 player Co-op on Live Heroic

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