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1-4 Player Campaign

1-4 Player Online Coop

1-8 Player Online Multiplayer


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The Passing                           560

-A new campaign, More levels for all game modes and achievements

The Sacrifice                         560

-A Sacrifice campaign and the No Mercy campaign from original

Cold Stream

-A new campaign and all remaining original Left 4 Dead maps

Left 4 Dead is back, and ready for

an amazing new zombie experience.

Battle in New Orleans with new

survivors and tons of new game modes

Tons of new weapons and the ability

to use melee weapons like the machete

or fry pan. Meet new zombies as you

try to battle your way out of the city.

Heal, shoot and blow up as you

survive. You can now dismember the

zombies in more ways for a bloody



  Gamerheadquarters Coop Game of the Year 2009


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