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Madden NFL Max Pack                    800

-Gives all Madden packs available

Max Franchise Pack                          560

-Gives all Franchise packs available

Madden NFL AFL Legacy Pack       560

-Celebrate 50 years with complete uniforms and such

Madden Ultimate Team                    Free

-Collect Virtual Madden Cards, trade, buy and auction all things Madden


Xbox Live

1 Player Campaign

1-2 Player Online Campaign

1-2 Player Local Multiplayer

1-4 Player Online Multiplayer


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Takes you closer to the game then

ever before. Fight to control every

yard and fumble. The game will

feature amazing graphics and brand

new crowd features. Fans will yell

scream and you can even see guys

filling up the Gatorade. This is football

at its best new dynasty features and

online 32 fantasy leagues, tons of

downloadable content and a coop game




Madden 10
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