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1 Player Campaign

1-16 Player Online Multiplayer


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Downloadable Content

Demons of the Badland                     800

-New quests, new area Mariner Valley, Weapons and new vehicles

Multiplayer Pack                                560

-Bagman, Team Bagman score by collecting the bag, new maps include Puncture, Remnant

Smasher Pack                                     400

-Adds a new wrecking crew mode along with eight new wrecking code maps

Need a wall?.......Make one! Carve

your own path on Mars set 50 years

after the original. Destroy mining posts

and eventual the capital city of Eos.

Use weapons of mass destruction or

vehicles to wreck havoc. With different

game modes focused on destruction and

guerilla warfare. Featuring some fun

different online modes.



Red Faction Guerrilla
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