Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Cheat Codes

This Age of Empires: Definitive Edition cheat codes list has all the best tweaks whether you're aiming to win, have fun or gain those Xbox Achievements really fast. The list is retained from the original version of the game and are fun to use.

To input any of them simple enable cheats prior to loading a match and then click enter. Once the chat bar is open, type in and click enter, it'll activate instantly. Campaign you do the same thing, don't worry about enabling anything. The full list of cheats can be found in a simple and easy way below. As mentioned, these can be used to earn Xbox Achievements and it helps a lot to make it faster.

1000 Gold - "coinage"
1000 Food - "pepperoni pizza"
1000 Stone - "quarry"
1000 Wood - "woodstock"

Upgrade heavy catapults - "big bertha"
Upgrade all units/Fast Respawns & Builds - "steroids" (works one veryone).
Upgrade ballistas (range is 100) - "icbm"
Win any campaign level - "home run"
Full map reveal - "reveal map"
Invincible units - "zeus"
View ending - "black death"
Rocket Launching Car - "big daddy"
Priests 1200 HP and Super Speed - "HOYOHOYO" (Do prior to temple one level)
Catapults Fire on Civilians - "jack be nimble"
Chariot Archers Fire Faster - "upsidflintmobile"
Suicide - "hari kari"
Composite Archers become Steathly - "dark rain"
Control Animals, not Men - "gaia"
Horse Archers become Black Riders - "black rider"
Juggernauts can move on land - "flying dutchman"
Photon Troops become Invincible - "zues"
Destroy all Opponents - "diediedie"
Soldier with Laser Blaster - "photon man"
Soldier with Nuclear Weapon - "e=mc2 trooper"

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