Battlefield 1 Xbox One X Enhanced Preview

Battlefield 1 is typically the flagship title for DICE and their effort with the Frostbite engine. After a long time believing that this sort of update would never come, the Battlefield 1 Xbox One X enhanced improvement has arrived. I'm still quite interested in seeing Battlefield 4 get a similar tweak, but for now this is one excellent and welcomed surprise. First off, the most apparent improvement is the clarity.

It looked great before running at that smooth 60fps, but now with this higher resolution everything is so clear. It removes a lot of the visual blur cleaning up the vast backdrops, making textures pop and really helping with the smaller effects of the dirty Battlefield. This game really is all about the presentation and it makes those epic moments in front of large scale environments feel that much more special. What's present here is a dynamic 4k resolution which is comparable to what was seen with Star Wars Battlefront II. It definitely keeps that quality going and it looks lovely no matter what part of the game you're experiencing.

I personally only care for the multiplayer efforts in this release from the franchise and that's where I spent most of my revisited time with it. I have actually gotten back into it a bit prior to the update as I was collecting Achievements from the recently free DLC for Xbox owners. While playing I really didn't have any performance issues across many multiplayer matches. I have however heard others having fps problems, so it might not be perfect though I didn't come across any drops. It was one flawless visual treat, and that aspect should be great for fans of this title playing on Xbox One X. The HDR is also a massive bonus for this game, as it always is.

This really does help make those gritty moments come alive as pockets of light peak through the destruction. With that destruction coming across as sharper and therefore better for realism. It makes the combat feel truly intense with such as a realistic world. I was very happy with this tweak as it was quite a massive boost despite perhaps not being so distinctly different visuals wise for some. I felt that it looked fantastic and this is a great preview indicator of what's to come with Battlefield V. Keep in mind that this was a post-launch enhancement as opposed to being developed with the Xbox One X in mind. The new Battlefield will have been developed with that perhaps being the primary platform considering the marketing is with Xbox for that release. I look forward to big results on that front.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner