DayZ Xbox One Character Locked in Database Fix

One of the main questions that is often asked is just how does one fix the "Character Locked in Database" error for DayZ Xbox One. I see this often and I've had it appear myself. There are a number of reasons why it shows up and various ways to get it fixed. The biggest reason this shows up is due to fast server changes and or "hopping". This adds a cool down so try to space out your jumping from server to server if it's something you exploit. Another cause is due to an update, this is somewhat out of your control, it can also just generally happen.

One other time it shows up is during combat if you're leaving while being attacked, the game isn't a fan of those that give up. The best solution in general is to wait, give it some time to clean things up. You don't want to cause any potential issues for your character. Wait it out, but if it's not working after a few hours it's best to contact the developer online with Twitter being a good source. They'll ask for details and get you sorted. You can also try a reset on the game, or a number of different servers. A cool down works best however. Hope this helps, it's a common problem and something many will come across while playing. These are the DayZ Xbox One character locked in database fixes.

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DayZ Xbox One Character Locked in Database Fix Screenshot

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner