Fortnite IOS Mobile Preview

Battle Royale games are all the rage as of recent and after successful releases for both PC and consoles, they're heading to mobile devices. It's a sort of race as PUBG has already done minor testing with their game on the platforms, yet Fortnite is jumping all in with a proper global approach. The currently available beta is for IOS devices and I was able to hop in to give this a try. In general the game is all about survival and outlasting everyone else as you scavenge for weapons or items to assist with that goal. You can engage in free for all singles, duos or even squad based battles. I tried a couple of the combinations and this is seriously the entire package for mobile devices.

It's all of Fortnite, working perfectly fine on a phone or tablet, its crazy actually. I've been impressed with the improvements to phone based games over the last couple years as I wasn't blown away in the early days, but now we're getting full regular titles on that platform. It's great, giving gamers yet another place for possible gameplay or even cross-play functions. I hope to see this trend continue and with the biggest titles giving it a try it opens up future potential development. It would also be great to see Xbox Live integration for Achievements and so forth, it's been done in the past on mobile. The Xbox team has also noted they're open to it, could be a growth for there as it would be nice to gain mobile Achievements, I'm getting off topic.

What's really interesting with this version of Fortnite is that they're pushing cross-play and cross-progression. Right from your phone you'll be able to play with friends or randoms on consoles, PC and I suppose anywhere they manage to get this game running. There's some conflict between Xbox One and Playstation 4, so you'll get paired with one side or the other when those player bases are included. Progression wise everything is shared so you just pick from where you left another gaming platform. Looking at this title, it's very much everything from the game. You get some really downgraded graphics, but that's expected and it's entirely fine. I was very impressed by the character models though, they seemed to have translated over well. It runs fluidly which is impressive and controls handle relatively well considering the touch based input. I felt it really nailed the whole scavenge, build and general movement perfectly. Combat is a little iffy, but it does work and I was able to eliminate others surprisingly.

It has options for voice input and they really did get the whole package going. I think the shooting elements might just take practice, but otherwise it's all here and works well. You can use the map with a zoom in, get full draw distances and enjoy the experience like anyone else. It was impressive and since it's a battle royale title, it's a blast on mobile. I was truly impressed by the efforts from Epic as this shows promise for other games going forward. I didn't anticipate it would run so smoothly and getting the game to mobile markets opens a whole new world of profit for them and growth for the player base. I look forward to seeing how the title develops going forward as they've done wonders with this Battle Royale side of things. I'll be curious if any other elements of the title also get ported over.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner