Hitman 2 Missions List of Levels & Locations

The Hitman 2 missions list of levels and locations can be found below, it's an interesting expansion. This is a direct continuation of the last entry and it should be noted that they've included that game here as a bonus in some situations. It actually allows early access as well acting as a pre-launch event to get warmed up. All of the episodic releases that made up the original game can be downloaded and played within this title making it one massive Hitman game hub.

There are of course restrictions based on ownership, but the game is one cohesive setup across campaign levels, contracts and other special events. I've included just the new game missions list below, between each of these you'll see a cinematic that sets the stage for what comes next. The locations are even presented with the name of the various objectives. This should cover it all while being spoiler free for the most part as the names don't really reveal anything.
Hitman 2 Missions List of Levels & Locations Screenshot The Hitman 2 Missions List of Levels & Locations List
-Nightcall (Hawke's Bay)
-The Finish Line (Miama)
-Three-Headed Serpent (Santa Fortuna)
-Chasing a Ghost (Mumbai)
-Another Life (Whittleton Creek)
-The Ark Society (Isle of Sgail)

Those are all of the missions, you can read our E3 preview of the game below or check out the hub for further coverage of the franchise. A review will be there in the near future as well as other articles on this latest release.

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