Star Wars Battlefront 2 Classic Xbox One X Enhanced Preview

For this particular Original Xbox enhancement I was really surprised at just how good it looks as this is a title I still play from time to time on my PC. I'd say it's very comparable in terms of visuals with that, though the PC version does carry higher possible AI counts on a level and a revived multiplayer which is nice. This version doesn't carry either, yet it's still an incredibly fantastic way to play the game. The AI counts are fine though the multiplayer will be missed for sure. The Star Wars Battlefront 2 classic Xbox One X enhanced update is damn impressive, it's sharp and plays great.

The character models hold up well, the environments help carry that and the gameplay is still just as fun. I'm not sure what I was expecting with this title coming from the PC version, but it exceeded my expectations and is a really easy accessible way to enjoy this classic. It controls well, carries a lot of content and shines with the 4k resolution. The widescreen support is glorious and on the premium Xbox One X there's 16x the pixel count compared to 4x on base models. It kicks strong and you can feel the force once again here as this is a classic Star Wars game.

The game is just packed with content, modes and ways to live your favorite battles. It's heavily tied into Revenge of the Sith, an episode packed with distinctly varied worlds. At the core of the game is an actually rather dark narrative. As the 501st you're part of the rising Empire, but that all starts during the Clone Wars.

It's interesting as you see this progression, it's not delivered in the most cinematic of ways yet you get the point. It was a surprising story as Star Wars is very typically light side focused. Building on that was an expanded Galactic Conquest mode to take over the galaxy and of course epic space battles which haven't been properly emulated since.
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Classic Xbox One X Enhanced Screenshot
You could battle from the outside or even fly to the interior for damage, it was neat. There was of course the multiplayer component, now closed despite being a staple of Xbox Live in the origin days. For me, it was always instant action that grabbed my attention to string maps together with various combinations. Be it the Prequel or Original trilogy side of the action, it was well detailed and fun.

There wasn't just Conquest battles, you could do Assault with Heroes against Villains or even Hunt playing as Wampas. The maps were fantastic each presenting a different planet with too much variety. Nothing was ever the same as you worked to remove those life counter ticks from the other team. There's so much to this game and it's a treat to once again be able to play it Xbox One X. If you somehow missed this game it's worth checking out even now, the first game is also available with slightly different maps.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner