Top 10 Fallout 4 Mods Definitive List

I was quite into the whole Fallout 4 mod scene at launch covering weekly releases of mods for many, many weeks and now that the game has been released for some time I thought it might be interesting to throw together a definitive sort of list.

This list includes a variety mods from textures, to game tweaks or just fun things that I feel are essential or a really great addition to your Fallout 4 experience. There's not really an order here and it's just a list of the ten best mods for Fallout 4, at least with what I suggest. If you'd like to see weeks of mods, check out our hub for the game below.

#10: Better Companions

Download Here

Make your companions better in this all in one improvement package that aims to make many tweaks for a better overall partner. You spend a lot of time with these folks in the game so it's best to have ones that are efficient.

Fallout 4 Better Companions Mod

#9: Fallout 4 Seasons

Download Here

I really feel that atmosphere is an important part of gaming whether that's in general design or the environments you explore. With this mod of Seasons you can choose a type of season with tweaks to completely change the game. It's a nice switch up from the vanilla experience and provides a unique feeling each time.

Fallout 4 Seasons Mod

#8: Working Food Planters

Download Here

One of my favorite parts of Fallout 4 is the Settlement area, with food being really rough to work with. This Food Planters mod is glorious because it condenses your food area and cleans it up greatly.

Fallout 4 Working Food Planters Mod

#7: Commonwealth Cuts

Download Here

Creating a character is everything in a RPG and Fallout 4 does an alright job, but the mod community does better. This features dynamic hair and almost two hundred different designs or combinations. Get whatever sort of hairstyle you want.

Fallout 4 Commonwealth Cuts Mod

#6: Place Everywhere

Download Here

Going back to the part where I love settlements, with this you can build whatever anywhere so that's sweet.

Fallout 4 Place Everywhere Mod

#5: Better Settlers

Download Here

Dealing with settlers is fun, but there aren't too many unique ones out there. Now you can add over two hundred fresh vanilla options with many custom settings to tweak your settler crew further. Don't let your settlers be synths, give them a real style.

Fallout 4 Better Settlers Mod

#4: Homemaker - Expanded Settlements

Download Here

With over a thousand new items, build whatever sort of crazy settlement you'd like with what feels like unlimited options. It's fun to build and even better with such an expanded selection of items to work with.

Fallout 4 Homemaker - Expanded Settlements Mod

#3: True Storms

Download Here

I love aesthetic changes to games and with True Storms you get a wide variety of custom effects to make the world feel more alive. It's got storms of all sorts with particles to make a magical experience every time you venture across the wasteland.

Fallout 4 True Storms Mod

#2: Full Dialogue Interface

Download Here

The regular chatting system in the game isn't fantastic and you often have no idea what's being said. With this simple change you can now know exactly what words are coming out of your mouth.

Fallout 4 Full Dialogue Interface Mod

#1: Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer

Download Here

This is quite a large mod in that it offers a pile of options for changing the dimensions of your custom characters. There are also many add-on mods that build upon the experience if you'd like further changes. It edits bodies so it can have some mature elements to it, but it can also be tasteful like the image below is since it changes the body meshes.

Fallout 4 Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer Mod

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