Top 10 Minecraft Marketplace Community Worlds

The expansion of Minecraft content through the Marketplace has been splendid. It's helped creators fund their day to day while focusing on creating content for the community and the regular players of the game have benefitted from some stellar maps to play on.

Since the marketplace has been present for a fair bit and the number of community maps has grown there I thought I'd put together the best. These are the highest rated and in my opinion best maps that you can buy in Minecraft. Each are definitely worth their weight in coins so here are the Top 10 Minecraft Marketplace community worlds.

#10: The Kingdom of Torchwall

While this map may not exactly contain a narrative or objective, it's absolutely stunning and large in scale. The architecture is gorgeous and it's really a beautiful area to use as a survival point. There's a massive castle present with many smaller hidden area, a large scale sewers and a lovely town at the base of the castle.

#9: Summer Mini Games Festival

A collection of fun smaller activities, enjoy mini golf or other simple various games to play with friends. It's great if you have a small group and the look of the area is pleasant too. A good selection of six games to engage in.

#8: Annie: The Rise of Londinium

A great narrative based level players can work together to move through the various ages of this city as it grows and changes through time. Within each era are a selection of objectives to complete and then you can move forward unlocking a shocking truth by the end.

Minecraft Autumn Mini Game Festival

#7: Autumn Mini Games Festival

Another fun selection of smaller activities, this sequel expands upon the first seasonal adventure by adding an extra game to play and expanding upon the existing ones. There's a Go Karting area, multiple parkour challenges and a full Mini Golf course instead of a half one.

#6: Space Battle Simulator

This is an incredible map for those that have a group of friends as you work against each other in teams. Each squad gets their own ship and needs to attack the opposing one by shutting down systems, firing the ship or boarding to attack others. It's awesome and a ton of fun.

#5: Adventurer's Dream

This mash-up pack that's more like a regular adventure map carries a fantasy setting and is massive in scale. It's got multiple unique biomes and many special items to collect as a team works together to battle in a finale arena against a mystical beast. This is an excellent and lengthy adventure to partake upon.

Minecraft Lapis Lagoon

#4: DestructoBot 5000

Basically they take Minecraft and turn it into a first person space based shooter as you jump in a mech or walk around on foot blasting away aliens. It takes place in a large city that you can move through with various tougher enemies to take on. There's also a multiplayer free for all mode that's available as well.

#3: Dinosaur Island

Not only are there massive dinos to battle, you can tame some and enjoy a lengthy narrative. Play by yourself or others across this narrative driven adventure. It's well developed, has some solid variety in story and location. You'll get to battle within secret labs, explore old ruins and even enjoy an exciting mine cart escape.

#2: Lapis Lagoon

A fun and large scale water park for you to enjoy alone or with others. It's got a pile of games, tickets to use on some awesome objects and mini bits of story thrown in depending on the ride. It's all water based obviously and features some glorious sights to behold. It's a very impressive effort and clearly one of the best maps available.

#1: Relics of the Privateers

Definitely the top of the pile this total conversion pirate adventure is an enchanting journey. Deal with crazy pirates, wave to mermaids and swim frantically from dangerous sharks. There's a large open world to explore that's filled with hidden secrets and a special goal of rings for the ultimate booty. It's awesome.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner