Game of Phones Review

"Modern Cards"

Game of Phones is interesting in that it challenges players to see which of them has the best level efficiency with their device. It's not all skill however as many of the cards are based on the chances of you having something that's more entertaining than the others.

I was pleasantly surprised with the variation of the cards within the pack as each felt unique and covered a different aspect of your device or social applications. This was great as it consistently felt fresh and the response to the game when playing as quite positive.

Being a game focused on phones this does somewhat alienate the older audience as they don't quite have all the apps to play it properly or be a part of every round. Still, it's quite funny and does a great job of focusing on an important aspect of modern times with that being your phone.

It was definitely something to see a card being read and then absolute silence for a few seconds as everyone hammered away at their phones attempting to find the best possible response to it. After everyone selected their choice it would be put up to the judge which was the one that picked up the card. The goal was to collect a target number of cards in order to win and this actually took a decent amount of time in our group of five that was playing.

The Board/Pieces

Being a card game you get a deck of cards and basically go from there. The cards were simply with a black back and just some easy to read text on the other side. There was some great variety in the pack and it was pleasantly simple in design.
Game of Phones Board Game

The Conclusion

Game of Phones takes something that everyone these days has and makes a game out of it by simply throwing in a deck of cards. The cards were great in that they took not only use of modern apps, but also a number of standard aspects of what modern phones are.

There's a great selection of variety within the cards and it would actually be great to see if they could create any expansion decks to mix it up further. It does a great job of challenging players to be creative and resourceful within a small window of time.

You will lose some battery playing this one as you'll most likely keep a pile of apps open while battling it out, but that's just part of the game. It's a great party title for groups of players and definitely quite funny if you get the right group of people playing.

Game of Phones Review
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Rating Overall: 8.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner