MapleStory Taotie Giveaway

Runs: December 22 - February 16 2020

Win one of ten digital codes for the game "MapleStory" on Digital.

Terms & Conditions: This is a digital code for Taotie, a new pet coming to MapleStory who acts as a companion to the newly added class, Hoyoung, in their quest to save Grandis. The code is valid for 90 days starting December 9, 2019.

MapleStory Taotie Box Art

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MapleStory Pet Taotie Giveaway

Everyone needs a special pet, grab the Taotie as your companion which is a new pet for the fresh class Hoyoung which will assist in their grand quest to save Grandis. This is an exciting new addition to your roster of pets that will certainly spice things up and perhaps just be a really fun thing to include on your various travels across the landscape of this title.