Minecraft Buried Treasure Me Gold! Achievement Guide

The Minecraft Aquatic update has given players access to some really great new features. One of those is the option to find buried treasure, which is awesome. You can unleash your inner pirate after you find a hidden treasure map and then dig that up afterwards. There's an X that marks the spot, though it can be hard to find. Keep in mind that these chests are often found a few sand blocks down, rarely ever lower than stone. The fastest way to find one of these if you're aiming to unlock the Me Gold! Achievement for Xbox Live on any of the Bedrock devices is to do the following.

Use the world Seed: -1618472320, turn on "Coordinates", "Experimental"

Basically once spawned walk forward and you'll see a Shipwreck in the water, the mast will be sticking out. It's in the middle of the bay so you may need to swim out for about ten seconds. The coordinates of it are 541, 62, 31. Dive down, grab a chest from below with a map (inside ship). Do this step prior to grabbing the treasure otherwise the Achievement may not unlock.

Head over to 198, 60, -314 and dig three blocks down. Open the chest and grab the loot. It may take a second, depending on the platform it may be slightly glitchy. This can be unlocked on any Xbox Live supported Bedrock device. Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, Pocket Edition IOS/Android, Nintendo Switch and Virtual Reality. Note that seed generation may alter this in the future. The video below showcases this entire process in a few minutes.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner