Debunkers, Inc Review

September 26, 2019 at 3:36am
By Jason Stettner

This is an interesting mystery type of film, focusing on a group of high school kids. The group runs a detective agency, and it really leans into the youthful elements of this team being unprepared for their adventures. It’s a bit over the top in some ways, but is an alright viewing. It’s nothing amazing, with some truly cringe worthy scenes yet it does have some neat twists along the way. It’s also decent in being family friendly, and more of a calmer take on this genre.

This wasn’t anything too wild, but an intimate story that focuses on this group in their big initial adventure. It’s grounded, while still having some sense of deeper mystery for what could be supernatural. It gets a bit odd towards the end, again leaning into that over the top aspect but I suppose it makes sense in the grand scheme of what they were going for within this one.
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This was alright to look at, I was rather whelmed by how this was shot. They did have some neat tricks for the mystery elements, and you’ll see that has things play out. I felt they could have used their fresh assistant more, it was a strange appearance and then sideline.

I get why this aspect happened, but they could have played around with it to a further extent. The acting ranged from ok, to truly awful within this one. There weren’t too many strengths, but it came together in a fine way I suppose. It’s goofy, and nothing is taken too seriously within this one.

The Conclusion

Debunkers, Inc is ok, it has some cringe inducing scenes with bad acting but still is a fine watch. I had some issues with it, but it wasn’t the worst thing to see. It leans into the high school goofiness well while not being too dark.

I guess the main cast was alright, their assistant could have been used more but the core group was decent within this one. I suppose there were some laughs to be had, the strength here is with the mystery and the twists you’ll see as the group aims to deal with this situation they find themselves in.

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Rating Overall: 5.1

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner