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Top 10 Worst Movies of 2017

It has truly been an excellent year for watching films though with so many interesting and perhaps even average movies, there are some that are absolutely awful. You would wonder how these productions even get released or the process behind those editing them and thinking this was an alright effort. We've sat through each of these movies during the year of 2017 and have included our original reviews with each so you can get an idea of the quality at play. These are just some awful efforts and most likely ones you should just forget ever even released. While we enjoy watching films, these ones make it tough. Here are the Top 10 Worst Movies of 2017, reviewed and viewed by the site.

#10: Fifty Shades Darker

Apparently an improvement over the original this film continues the poor streak within the series by providing a narrative that I'm not sure too many people are actually interested in because it's mostly creepy. Perhaps not the acts, yet the way it is represented in the movies. It certainly gets some poor feedback from everyone, but there's obviously some sort of weird market for this.
The Fifty Shades Darker Review

#9: Downsizing

The first part of Downsizing was actually really interesting, I liked how in-depth the process of the shrinking was explained and then it just got boring. My guest passed out twice while watching, I was having a hard time keeping focused during the latter half. The whole thing just slowed right down and attempted to become some sort of lesson about the environment type movie with feel good aspects thrown in. With all the potential going in, it feels like a waste.
The Downsizing Review

#8: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales

The Pirates of the Caribbean series was once something to be excited about and they've stretched out the material too far at this point. The movie prior to this wasn't great, but this one took things to a new level and it wasn't good. The new characters didn't add any sort of fresh appeal to it and Sparrow's act has overstayed its welcome. He's a good side character, yet as a main it just doesn't work.
The Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales Review

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Still

#7: Live by Night

I don't recall absolutely hating Live by Night, yet it wasn't a film that entirely came together in a cohesive way. It was long, convoluted and had too many various things going on at the same time. It was doing the whole gangster thing, but covering too many aspects of it at the same time. Even Ben Affleck wasn't too compelling in this one and as the lead it really could have used some more toughness on his part.
The Live by Night Review

#6: Father Figures

Twin brothers attempt to find their actual father after being told the initial story about their parentage was a lie. It aims to be a comedy while falling flat the majority of the time. Despite that goal it also goes into the realms of being a feel good which it doesn't deliver on. The two leads weren't compelling enough and it was an overly long series of conveniences backed by jokes that weren't entertaining.
The Father Figures Review

#5: Suburbicon

What a truly strange and meandering film. I wasn't sure what Suburbicon was trying to convey and that wasn't even the worst issue. The core concept was too in the audiences' face as every single thing was clearly shown leaving no intrigue. The world was really interesting as was what the core group was trying to do. This all gets thrown aside for a pointless side story that takes up most of the screen time when it should have been in the background. Very odd this one, out of place and I felt there could have been something better here.
The Suburbicon Review

The Snowman Still

#4: CHiPs

A completely generic buddy cop film that takes the raunchy material too far. For the most part it wasn't funny, it was purely cringe worthy and that doesn't do it for me at this point. It mostly seems like a pointless revival of a TV Show from a long time ago that doesn't connect with the current audience.
The CHiPs Review

#3: The Great Wall

It's hard to express how awful The Great Wall is, not only in execution but with how lazy everyone is in it. The CGI is horribly generic, the plot is boring and it's all about a few foreigners saving China. The acting is beyond stiff and you could tell the actors didn't give a damn here.
The Great Wall Review

#2: The Circle

No mystery, no intrigue and an insulting core concept that feels beyond aged at this point in time. The presentation was decent, the acting was there but this is not a great film. I put this particularly lower even if the score is higher than others because it really doesn't feature anything realistic. It's a weird look at technology as so many things it tries to bring fear to are already commonplace in society.
The Circle Review

#1: The Snowman

I'm shocked that they even bothered releasing this apparent thriller. Most of it makes no sense, it lacks cohesive content and I found it rather insulting. So many moments are supposed to be shocking, yet they're clearly shown ahead and require no outspoken prompt of which we're given. I feel terrible for Michael Fassbender as either his character is supposed to be confused or he's straight up confused as to what's happening in every single scene. There's no suspense, there's no excitement and that ending is just plain rubbish. I'm not even going to get into the poor dubbing, the overly long feel of the film and the rough acting.
The Snowman Review

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