Always Be My Maybe Review

May 31, 2019 at 4:33pm
By Jason Stettner

Always Be My Maybe is a Netflix Original film that is a romantic comedy featuring two individuals that were always childhood friends. Time passes and the two drift apart in their own ways and it’s only when Sasha Tran (Ali Wong) returns home that she runs into Marcus Kim (Randall Park) once again.

Sasha has gone off and started a big career in the world of cooking whereas Marcus has stayed relatively the same while looking after his father. A big reasoning for this situation is explained early on, and you get a sense of the context as to why things were so split between the two. The story largely follows the current time with the two meeting one another and just hanging out a bit. In the middle of this is the charming and hilarious Keanu Reeves as himself. He’s perfect and just an absolute riot in this one.

This is of course a comedy, and at times it’s rather funny. I also found the dramatic serious elements to be solid as well. It was generally a fairly charming film that had a full circle sort of effect that worked out greatly.
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There was a great strength in the two leads here, and Park is charming as always. You get to see motivations that make sense between the two and how they’re feeling. It had a sort of realistic vibe in some portions, in regards to how people feel and how they deal with things.

I felt that Marcus was a bit too stunted, not too sure Sasha in that world would have really been super into someone that far behind in their life. Not in terms of what they do, but just how he hadn’t been able to go forward like she had. Whatever the case, it was a charming time and I enjoyed the various interactions that were present. The supporting cast was also solid, despite a limited presence in the general situation. Some highlights were of course Keanu Reeves, a fun fancy restaurant situation and the down to Earth attitude Marcus has while dealing with the luxurious.

The Conclusion

Always Be My Maybe is a mostly charming, and enjoyable romantic comedy with two solid leads at the heart of it. It was actually funny at points, and a fine watch. It did have some serious parts as these types of film do, and I thought they handled things in a mostly realistic way. The two leads were great here in their roles, taking point at various parts to show their perspective.

It was a distinct sort of tale that did have a nice, but certainly predictable conclusion that was at the same time, something that wrapped it up well. It certainly had a nice circle of life situation, and that made it have a better impact when it did conclude. The supporting cast was also fine, could have used them better however as they’re mostly there for an occasional side joke.

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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner