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I'm not sure why this was presented as a regular film, it's really just an elongated music video or well a concert that's been given some of the most random out of context extra clips you could imagine. The narrative is incomprehensible and nothing aside from the music makes any sense. The audio aspect is actually decent if you're a fan of Neil Young and there are many purely concert areas to it. I'm not sure what they were thinking with this one as making it a film with musical elements might have been neat, but doing a mix of bizarre clips and then of a concert makes no sense.

I sat there in curiosity wondering what I was watching or the point to any of it. It was quite a waste of my time quite honestly and again, unless you're a Neil Young fan I don't see any value in this. I could try to compile something of what the story was about, but it's hard to describe. A group of folks wander around in what appears to be a past yet modern cowboy type landscape. Some random others are robbing a place casually and then beside that some float in the air. It doesn't make any sense!
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I guess the acting could have been alright, not much was said as most parts are rather quiet. The actions don't make sense from any of them and I don't know what they were even trying to accomplish. Some of the scenes were lovely taking place in some beautiful natural areas. This was however mixed with weird cuts, randomly altered imagery and lots of strange changes in what was happening. The music was fine, the concert segments were shot decently. It's just the combination of how everything was merged that's a disaster.

The Conclusion

Honestly there's not a lot to cover with Paradox as it was a random mess that's not worth the time. If you like Neil Young music, this might be a neat experience. Just be sure to skip past any of the non-musical portions. I'm not sure if they were telling a story or if this was actually supposed to be a film experience. It's not too long, but you'll sit there puzzled for a lot of it. They should have picked a type of idea for this and went with it. Make it a concert, make it a movie with music. This mixing of the two didn't work here as they didn't tell a story with it.

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Rating Overall: 3.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner