Second Extinction Xbox Series X Revealed

May 7, 2020 at 10:06am
By Jason Stettner

During the Inside Xbox event to showcase third party games, it was revealed that Second Extinction is headed to Xbox Series X. In the game “Evil Mutant Dinosaurs have taken over the Earth”. This is a fast paced coop shooter elevated by playing with your friends.

It can be enjoyed solo, but that is apparently a very hardcore task. In the game the dinosaurs took over the planet and folks made their escape to an orbital station setup by a group called ERA. Humanity has finally gotten things together and now has headed back to the surface to deal with these monstrosities.
Second Extinction Xbox Series X
You’ll pick from a roster of four survivors, a squad that will grow after the initial launch. Pick a mission, select a load out and head to the planet for action. Once you complete the various goals that are set you’ll head towards an extraction point to make it out alive. Rewards will be waiting for you, so you’ll be able to purchase new weapons and then upgrade them if you’d like to as well.

The game will feature some intense dinosaur dismemberment, over the top action and lots of conflict against some really intense enemy creatures. Read a review on another dinosaur game below, or check out the general game hubs for further coverage.

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