Deadfall Adventures Revisited

Deadfall Adventures is a fairly generic action adventure game where you battle evil forces as well as mystical ones while attempting to capture lost relics. This takes place across a variety of locations with a mix of shooter based conflicts and puzzle solving. Nothing is terribly complex, but it is a weird setup pacing wise. Aside from the campaign there's also a multiplayer mode where players compete over relics or straight up take each other out. It had custom classes, a couple game types and some maps, not a horrible effort there I suppose. This was followed by a survival mode where players could work against waves of enemies. It was definitely an interesting genre to target, but something more intense should have been done with it.

Deadfall Adventures released in late 2013 for Xbox 360 and PC. In 2014 it arrived on Playstation 3 with the game eventually being available on Xbox One through Xbox Backwards Compatibility. The game was developed by The Farm 51 and published by Nordic Games. It takes place within the Allan Quatermain universe, created by H. Rider Haggard where players take the role of his great grand-son.

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The narrative is based around James Lee Quatermain in 1938 as he escorts a US official around Egypt where they search for "The Heart of Atlantis". Along the way they run into a group of Nazis, Russians and supernatural beings that attempt to halt their progression. Using a series of weapons and tricks you'll need to tackle these enemies. This is paired with a number of puzzles to solve. The puzzles weren't horrible difficult and did have some creativity to them. The player is also given a compass and notebook from his great grandfather that assists with solving puzzles or finding statues. The statues grant bonuses and certain skills for combat. It'll take a mix of flashlight power against the dark and traps to really make it through the hazardous ancient ruins.

The multiplayer was honestly a decent effort, it's aged horribly but the ambition was there. It's got the standard modes with a special Deadfall twist to it. The guns were incredibly effective though regular gameplay felt oddly stiff. The weapons just did crazy amounts of damage so it's less likely players would wildly run around. There's a decent selection of modes present that provide different objectives. This was piled with a custom class system and a number of distinct maps. You could also work together against various creatures within the survival mode. Fight alone or as a small group to fend off waves of enemies, it was alright. Deadfall Adventures did feel somewhat generic and it doesn't hold up the best. It had some interesting things going for it and I think the core concept could work well if attempted again.

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