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Kinect Star Wars Revisited

I don't care about the reviews or any negative thoughts for Kinect Star Wars because this game is awesome. It's a complete joke to some degree, but one of my favorite games to play on the Kinect and I've had few sessions of pure laughter since. In Kinect Star Wars you use your body to take on key roles within the Star Wars universe. This includes Rancor Rampage; Galactic Dance-Off, Jedi Destiny and Podracing. I know what you're thinking. Wow this game sounds incredibly amazing with such glorious action, bringing it to heights that we have not seen to this day and you're right.

Rancor Rampage is my pride and joy of the pack as you get to be a Rancor wrecking things. You can see an image below of that and I'll probably grab some old videos to share as well, it's damn hilarious. This mode was a gem, becoming a Rancor to eat people or smash things was glorious. If you had the right Rancor you could even fly and it was madness. It had a surprising amount of depth and many levels to play. The second mode was Galactic Dance-Off and much like Dance Central, it was worth the laughs. These songs were parodies of many popular songs, but turned into Star Wars hits and that was hilarious in itself.

Kinect Star Wars Wallpaper
The game was launched in early 2012 as an exclusive to Xbox 360 with Kinect and we can only pray that someday this game gets a remaster or becomes Xbox Backwards Compatible. The third mode of the package was Jedi Destiny, a story based one that went through the lore of the series. You got to become a Jedi and wield the legendary Lightsaber while moving through iconic events within the prequels. This was quite fun and was also part of a competitive mode where you can battle one another. I actually dragged a friend over for that, it was quite something.

The final mode in the package was Podracing, something that most people love from the prequels. It was an intense mode as you would guide the podracer through deadly terrains on the path to glory. There were simple controls, but all the conflict one might expect in these hostile races. Kinect Star Wars was truly a remarkable game capturing the spirit of the franchise with alright controls and completely ridiculously awesome modes. It brought alive that feeling of Star Wars and was one of the most memorable games from both Kinect and LucasArts as it was their last game ever. There was also a sick Xbox bundle that released with this game featuring the style of R2D2 and C-3PO.

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