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2020 Video Game Awards
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Welcome to the Gamerheadquarters Video Game Awards 2020, celebrating the best in games. These are the best of the best for the past year of 2020 which has been a really excellent year in gaming. This year has been another great year of growth for the site and it would be great to see that continue into the future.

The awards represent the various platforms, the wide range of games and hopefully some surprises for games we truly enjoyed throughout the year. This game awards present our favorites, those that were bold and most of all the games that make this industry so exciting to cover. A wide range of genres and categories that reflect the industry in this year. It’s always exciting to reflect on what released over the past year in gaming.

Without any further discussion you can find all the winners on the left navigation bar for each category. You can view our 2020 Nominations here or take a look at the past years right here. Additionally if you're a publisher/developer which won an award and hasn't been contacted by the site we have digital awards for you to display on your site! We have the special designs as well as plain ones without the game image. Contact Here