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About News

The Goal

We often get a pile of emails about updates, releases and whatever random other bits of information daily. Prior to 2018 this wasn't something we aimed to write about focusing on other articles and reviews. That's mainly still the focus, but this is an area we felt an expansion could be delivered. This will be an area that purely focuses on news based content. Straight up information on the various things we cover on the site. We don't have time to cover everything obviously and the focus will always be towards the more essential articles and so forth that we've always done. This is just an extra area of coverage we can provide.

What News We Cover

Release dates, patch notes or other changes to games/movies/technology and so forth. We are not interested in Kickstarter (or similar) projects, sales/deals, most likely not trailers and will decide interest of any potential news. It really comes down to time being dedicated towards writing these additional articles on top of other articles. Kickstarter type things would really only be interviews for a different area of the site.

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