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Paid Promotions & Advertising


Paid Promotions & Advertising

We're now introducing a series of paid promotional options for Publishers, Developers and everyone else that has content they would like promote or advertise on Gamerheadquarters which reaches 40,000+ unique average viewers each month in primary regions across the world. We also have a Youtube channel we work with 29,000 subscribers that's focused on gaming content. We have a number of options available below, reach out to "jasonstettner @" to inquire about any of the packages which are all in USD and fairly affordable. This will help support the work we do on the site and help it grow further.


Sponsored Review or Sponsored Video Content
-Send us an email with details of what you're looking to have displayed and we can go from there. We offer options for paid promotion game reviews and movie reviews, as well as video content in a review format. The video style is gameplay review which is typically a ten or twenty minute informative commentary on the specific game. You can see an example of the sponsored video below.

Promoted Movie "1 Week" ($30)
-This is the promoted image found in the navigation bar under movies boldy shown on all devices, the time to get the image and link changed is quick. The link can be set to one of our existing movie or review articles. For $40 it can be directed off-site to a movie page or promotion page for a film and this is up to the discretion of the site.

Front Home Image "1 Week" ($60)
-This is the absolute front of the site with the beautiful full image screen that links to an article on the site. This area is proudly the first thing visitors see on any device, two images are presented with one for desktop and the other mobile. I'll also note that Jens Bergensten of Mojang stated "That's a pretty slick website :)".

Promoted Hub "1 Month" ($50), "2 Months" ($70), "3 Months" ($100)
-This is for the frontpage where all the recent articles, videos and hubs are assembled in square rows. We highlight some games and movies in the hub sections, but don't have room everything. This will get you a spot in that area.

Game/Genre/Review Hub "Longterm" ($35)
-We started hubs in late 2016 which is a place of collection for particular game franchises and games themselves. We have a wide selection of game hubs present on site though there are many games out there and we don't have time to build a space for them all. This is basically a promoted type option where we give a link to your Publisher/Developer/Game page and allow choice of initial video to display. We of course update the page with articles and any new video content we produce or trailers of the titles over time.

Game/Movie List "Short term" ($7)
-The lists are our premier sorting option for players to find games or movies available for their platforms or services. This pushes your particular content as an advertisement to the top of the lists, it will be shown first up for two weeks on all filter lists. The link can go to content on the site or an external link (not for backlinking and limited, it will have a Rel nofollow). The pages are listed below in the long term area.

Game/Movie List "Long term" ($5)
-The lists are our premier sorting option for players to find games available for their platforms or services. We can't include every game as the lists could get too crowded, if you're game isn't listed it's just $5 to have it added as a filter option. Current lists; Xbox Backwards Compatible, Xbox Play Anywhere, Xbox One Game Reviews, Playstation 4 Game Reviews, PC Game Reviews, Nintendo Switch Game Reviews.

More promotion options to come in the future.

Sponsored Video Example with BlueStacks