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Fallout is a long running franchise that was originally a completely different type of experience. The series is now currently known as being an expansive choice driven RPG series from Bethesda. It started with Fallout 3 delivering a brand new and exciting world to explore. You were making your own character and just trying to find your father out there in the wasteland. This continued with a closely styled game titled Fallout: New Vegas where your goal was just to deliver a package.

Face off against the harsh desert landscape and do whatever you'd like in that entry. It was awhile until the next release arrived being a truly strong point as you try to find your son in this sad future of destruction. This was a big deal as it brought mods to console, a staple for the series on the PC side of things. The latest release was a move towards a multiplayer experience for the first time with survival elements and holotapes taking over for the narrative in the Fallout 76.