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The Halo franchise follows the Master Chief on his epic journey of ancient Forerunner discovery and dealing with the personal issues that come out of it. The first game has him and his AI Cortana head to a place called Halo on board the Pillar of Autumn. While on the planet they deal with the threat of the Covenant and the mysterious Flood parasite. The second game picks up after the first with the Covenant attacking Earth and the Chief has to stop them. On the other side of things the Arbiter deals with the politics of the Covenant and Guilty Spark. The epic third and conclusive title in Bungie's Halo trilogy has The Master Chief dealing with the Covenant, The Flood and saving the galaxy. It's an amazing game and one of the best titles of all time.

Between these games is an intimate story following ODSTs and another one entitled Reach that follows five brave spartans on a suicide run. Years later the Master Chief awakens for Halo 4 as he and a dying Cortana crash land on a Forerunner Shield World. After dealing with that threat Chief gets his Blue Team squad back and they follow an awakening of The Guardians while going rogue with humanity. This has Agent Locke and new weak Spartans hunting the Master Chief down.