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Halo 3 is my favorite game of all time providing an epic conclusion to Bungie's Halo trilogy and just an all around excellent release. The game brought together various key elements for a title that provided years of longevity. There was the emotional and well developed campaign. The robust multiplayer that provided countless hours of competitive or social play. There was the start of insane custom games with the powerful Forge system that has become iconic in the series since. The story followed the conclusion of Master Chief's core adventure as he dealt with The Covenant, The Flood and the loss of Cortana. This three way conflict came together in a way that created strategic elements in combat and a more dynamic story. It took place over multiple levels and locations allowing four players to work together against this threat.

The game released in fall 2007 for Xbox 360 as an exclusive for the console. It was later made available in a remastered 1080p 60fps on Xbox One through The Master Chief Collection and later on Xbox Backwards Compatibility for Xbox One. The game was developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft as one of their largest releases at the time. There was a large marketing budget before the title released and long term support following with multiple DLC packs that brought in new maps.

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I go back quite often to play Halo 3 as any part of the game is a great time. I can go play any level of the campaign and enjoy it with others or by myself. The online is just as easy to do within The Master Chief Collection as everyone picks it, because it's the best. I felt that this was definitely the peak of the series with balanced and intense competitive multiplayer backed by a strong compelling campaign. The music is also an aspect that must absolutely be touched upon as the soundtrack was perfectly themed and matched each part of the game with precision. The visuals were outstanding at the time and still hold up very well aside from some of the odd shaped heads for humans in cutscenes. The extra abilities were also interesting yet simple at this point from the Bubble Shield to the Mines if you wanted that achievement.

With the right balance of characters, fast paced gameplay and secrets that keep players coming back, the story is iconic. It was also something just special in that you could play as a group of four with all your friends or play alone and still have a great time. There were extra modes that challenged you to complete the game within a certain amount of time or to get a great score. The skulls provided an extra layer of challenge as did the intense Legendary option for those that could really handle it. The multiplayer was fantastic whether you were battling for those impossible ranks or just having fun. The Big Team Battle was something amazing to play or just smaller competitive Slayer. The game was stacked with modes from Oddball to King of the Hill and fun modes came after with the customization options. With Forge we got festive maps, new arenas of conflict and Bungie supported the game with the new Hoppers that would offer something different all the time. Halo 3 is a special game to me and it's always a pleasure to play it when I have time.

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