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Minecraft Hub featuring a vast wealth of content from the site and Skycaptin5lol Youtube. This game is a block building experience that continues to grow and expand with new content. It comes in two versions, the traditional Java and the latest Bedrock which is play anywhere. The Bedrock version allows you to enjoy the game on any important device with cross-play and various options. In the game you can build in Survival, Creative or Adventure modes.

There are options to work with others, alone or against one another in PVP matches. You can join Realms to have an always online world to explore, or servers to offer quick multiplayer experiences. The game is available on Windows 10 PC; Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile IOS & Android, Virtual Reality, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, WiiU and 3DS platforms. You truly can play this just about anywhere at any time. We hope you enjoy the guides, content and video offered in this hub area. Be sure to look around as there's so much hidden within the sub-hubs that are present here. There are tons of articles, guides and things to learn about the game. As it continues to get updated, look for various new articles providing information on the mobs, tweaks and new things you can do!