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Minecraft Landscaping Compact Forest Willow Build Ideas

For something a tad more murky, or at least really tight in forest design this is one neat build idea. This landscaping effort takes inspiration from willows and a compact forest type creation. Everything will be focused in one small little area which is rather unique. There's room for adjustment, feel free to add a pool of water or to add multiple trees across a larger area.

The concept for the area is rather easy to build, even by someone that is just starting out in the landscaping business. In the ground is a mixture of different dirt blocks and I personally recommend starting on a good flat green grass layered area.
Minecraft Landscaping Compact Forest Willow Design
Then you can begin by adding in the podzol blocks and other brown materials. Even brown concrete powder blocks could look good here. To really get going first, if you have podzol and coarse dirt place it in spots like paint on top of a canvas. The result will not look as good as might have thought it would.

The key component is to create vein like shapes to the grass with your darker brown materials. Then, after the base layout of ground is completed you can move onto adding trees, stones, bushes and finally the taller grass layer. This can be accompanied by a few flowers to give the area some color if you'd like. You can view other guides and various Minecraft articles in the hub for the game below.

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