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featuring video and audio on the latest from the various industries that the site covers. This is largely based on gaming, but with other coverage as well within the Skycast from Skycaptin5lol format.

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Known as the Skycast from Skycaptin5lol, this Gamerheadquarters Podcast covers many events that happening now within the various industries we cover. This is largely gaming focused, but lifestyle and other elements will be showcased as well. We hope to provide both and audio options for viewing the Podcast in this form with some descriptions on what to expect as well.

This will likely have some interviews, displays and in-depth dives into what’s going on in the world. Being current to the time, while also perhaps being a good retrospective on the past. This will hopefully grow over time, offering more perspectives, guests and even other audio clips from creators. Best to get listening!

You can find our wonderful audio channels available sometimes on Youtube but primarily on the major podcasting services. This includes Spotify; Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music and Amazon Music Podcast. If more options arise in the future we’ll be sure to make our content available there as well.