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  • Founded in 2009 Gamerheadquarters is a site dedicated mostly to reviews, previews, articles, opinions and videos about the gaming industry. We produce content based on Xbox; Playstation, PC, Windows 10, Nintendo and Mobile platforms. The site was revamped in 2014 with that being considered a refresh. While there's a focus on reviews and opinion based articles there's definitely a selection of news that we consider to be unique or of which we're first to produce.

    Aside from purely gaming, the site has grown with a look at the current culture surrounding the industry with various events across North American. Additional growth went towards film based content from theatrical to streamed releases along with some small coverage for technology based products. Information on our film industry coverage, review metrics and promotional offerings can be found below.

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  • You can view some "promotional options on GH here." We offer a number of ways to promote content whether that's in terms of advertisement or written and video based services.

    We do giveaways occasionally: See the Giveaways

Youtube Content

  • Video content is important and we have a Youtube Channel "Skycaptin5" where we post gameplay and other content based on the site. The site and the channel work together to generate further reach with it currently having over 63,000 subscribers and over 41 million views which we think is great!


Ratings & Metrics

  • Here at Gamerheadquarters we have a ranking system that goes from 0-10 with all points in between. The scales of why or what every single point means are below. If a game is available across multiple platforms with little to no difference a separate score nor review is to be made.

    The reviews provide various points of view on titles and we hope that these scores correctly represent the games we play, we take the scores seriously as well hoping they provide reference for gamers looking to play them. As we love games and I know that you do as well.

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Privacy Policy

  • We have a privacy policy on GH. That can be read here