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GH Ratings and Metrics

Here at Gamerheadquarters we have a ranking system that goes from 0-10 with all points in between. The scales of why or what every single point means are below. If a game is available across multiple platforms with little to no difference a separate score nor review is to be made. The reviews provide various points of view on titles and we hope that these scores correctly represent the games we play, we take the scores seriously as well hoping they provide reference for gamers looking to play them. As we love games and I know that you do as well.

Perfection Rating 10/10

This game is made to perfection and the pinnacle of this art. It has basically no faults in sight with an unforgettable experience. This is definitely a title that you will be wanting to play ten years or even longer down the road.

Movie: The film is absolute perfection with no flaws being an important piece of cinematic history whether that's a movie one can watch to see perfection or many times over.

Fantastic Rating 9/10

An awesome title with little to no flaws. This is a game of near perfection and a highly recommended title that you won't want to miss out on.
Movie: This film is fantastic being a great piece of cinematic mastery balancing an amazing experience that will likely be something you remember for awhile and provide great rewatch value.

Great Rating 8/10

This is a great title featuring only minor flaws and an overall great experience that you should take part in. It may not be for everyone, but it definitely has features that make it memorable.

Movie: A great film that is thoroughly enjoyed when watch and keeps things together with only minor flaws, overall a great experience to be watched many times.

Solid Rating 7/10

This title gets it done, you can play it with only a few flaws or a few things that made it not quite a maximum it could have been. This is by no means a bad score as a solid game is one many can enjoy without issues.

Movie: These films get it done by providing a solid watching experience with a few flaws, but still well done performances and enjoyable viewings.

Alright Rating 6/10

The title is better than the par, it might be lacking in areas to make it more special or memorable. It has issues though those are overlooked for its playability. Don't count these ones out as they can also provide special experiences for gamers.

An alright film that provides a good viewing time with a selection of flaws, but still a movie that many will enjoy for at least a watch.

Meh Rating 5/10

This score is passable, though I like the Meh title as it really is the halfway point between being playable or not. This has some major flaws, though some may enjoy the basic gameplay that it has.

Movie: The passable halfway point for a film that can be watched, but does have many issues across multiple points of the movie.

Poor Rating 4/10

This title has issues that make it slightly less than playable. It carries many issues that take away enjoyment from the title, though it really isn't the bottom of the barrel.

Movie: Disappointing and a title that has many issues that wreck the experience making it something you wouldn't want to watch again being painful to sit through.

Terrible Rating 3/10

It's getting towards the edge of garbage though I guess there is some playability to it in some extent or other. It is quite rough around the edges and there are plenty of flaws.

Movie: A crushing film of disappointment with many flaws and issues that drag the experience into something you wouldn't want to watch or even suggest to others.

Horrible Rating 2/10

There really isn't much at all to this title other than that it may work every once and a while. It's life spark isn't there and it is really soul depriving.

Movie: This was an absolute pain to review and took a good chunk of the soul away being something that should have never been filmed.

Crap Rating 1/10

They basically made some lines and gave it an old story that really doesn't do anything. I'll tell you there sure are flaws and this is just lacking any life at all. Stay away.

Movie: Absolute garbage that would make many just turn off the movie and reconsider life actions.

Why? Rating 0/10

Why waste our time or other's that happened to come across this lifeless game or movie. It shouldn't exist and this site exists to point out garbage of which this is.

The above text is unlikely to be changed over time, but it may be reviewed and tweaked. It's mostly a guideline reviewers on the site follow as an example to understand how scoring should work.