Calgary Expo 2020 Hub

Calgary Expo 2020 Hub where you can find all the Articles, Videos and Interviews for the event being covered in-person by the site while there. We're lucky to have a full team attending this year as well. It was cancelled again in late April 2020

Calgary Expo 2020 Highlights

The Calgary Expo 2020 event will take place in the same location as previous years during July 17-19. This was delayed due to the COVID-19 situation, from the typical April time. This will be the site's fourth year officially covering the event bringing articles and hopefully some interviews throughout. Expect daily cosplay like usual and hopefully some extra articles.

With that, the full team will be there headed by Jason Stettner, with no professional photography this year and Dylan Mackey joining to assist for additional coverage. This is the biggest event of its type in the area bringing a large venue, tons of fans and lots of exciting attractions. It should be another exciting year of panels, excitement and hype.