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Minecraft Landscaping Spruce Forest Build Ideas

It's always difficult to come up with great designs in Minecraft, even more so to make an area look natural and realistic. Here is a very durable setup, one that can be used in many environments.

This is a spruce forest landscaping setup, inspired by a Finnish type forest looking landscape. The main focus with this is the two tall spruce trees with a central focal point being a pond. The pond gives it a livelier look, but that can be removed for additional trees or you can pattern the water out.
Minecraft Landscaping Spruce Design
Increase the scale of the water area, deepen it or just alter it into a river if you'd like to have a larger area and include liquid within it. You can also entirely just elect to ignore the water, depends on your project, but it's a good spacing for the setup.

The rocks are also taller than in other past examples showcased for landscaping during my recent guide project. This is due to the erosion having a different effects in various areas in terms of climate and weather. This is an emulation effect in that regard, more natural. You can view other guides and various Minecraft articles in the hub for the game below.

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