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Minecraft Restaurant Sim: Head Chef Review

The Minecraft Restaurant Sim: Head Chef is a Store Community World that offers a completely fresh adventure within the game. Created by Pathway Studios this pack provides a pile of quality content and experiences. This is the ultimate cooking world within Minecraft. The goal is to collect crops and then serve food to hungry customers. From the start you're able to customize the color of your restaurant, mine was lime green. That level of customization right away is appreciated. There are then four ways to play the game that each offer a different challenge.

The core mode I played was career where it's just a natural progression setup. Once that's all setup you head to the store through a bus, the area feels realistic and this is truly neat. You walk through the restaurant until you reach the kitchen and then get going. It's best to buy something cheap to start your career and then expand with other foods as you earn money. You'll have to pay to buy an initial crop, then to update it as that'll make the food regrow quicker. The wait for food can be killer to your dreams of being a top chef. The villagers then line up and have a bar from which you need to deliver to them within. You get better pay if you're faster and the food they want is dynamic asking for multiple items at times.
Minecraft Restaurant Sim: Head Chef Review

The Conclusion

This Restaurant Sim: Head Chef from Pathway Studios is a great map, it presents many ways to play and a grand time. There are so many types of food to create as you may need to use crafting tables or cook things. There are animals to get as well such as cows for milk and it can get insane quickly.

This is a fantastic time whether you're frantically running around alone or in coop with others which makes it easier. The customization was appreciated and despite the concept being simple, this was so perfectly displayed. It was easy to pick-up and a lot of fun as I ran about trying to get the orders together. This is one of the best that the store has to offer for worlds, a lot of fun.

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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner