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Minecraft Servers

These are the Minecraft Servers available for Xbox One; Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 and Pocket Edition with cross-play. These servers are easy to join, certified by Mojang and a blast. I've included details below about each of them.

About The Servers
With the magic of cross-play anyone on the noted platforms above can join together to enjoy Minecraft. These servers offer an easy set of mini games or survival options for thousands of players to join one another. These are all certified by Microsoft and Mojang since they're partners, this makes them 100% safe for anyone to enter.

Lifeboat Easily our favorite, this is a massive server that has a pile of evolving game modes and special items that can be purchased that are mostly decorative.
Current Modes: Survival Games, Capture the Flag, Zombie Apocalypse, Adventure Maps, Bounty Hunter, Survival, Prison, Hot Rock, Bedwars, Skywars

Wither Assault, Micro Battle, Snake, Death Tag, Super Paintball, One in the Quiver, Sheep Quest, Dragons, Dragon Escape, Turf Wars, Runner, Super SPleef, Sneaky Assassins, Bacon Brawl, Bomb Lobbers, Evbolution, Gladiators, Bawk Bawk Battle, Monster Maze, Survival Games, Ultra Hardcore, SkyFall, Sky Wars, Wizards, Draw My Thing, Castle Siege, Block Hunt, Super Smash Mobs, Master Builders, Speed Builders, Mine-Strike

A selection of modes come together for what's more of a competitive offering for those players that like combat.
Current Modes: Block Hunt, TNT Run, Build Battle, Skywars, Guess Work, Money Wars

The Hive
More dynamic mini games in a pvp style.
Current Modes: Coming Soon

CubeCraft Games
Directly combat based, expect lots of PVP and competitive options.
Current Modes: Coming Soon

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