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Minecraft Ravager Mob, What They Are

The perhaps scary Ravager is the latest mob creature to join the wonderful block world of Minecraft. You might be wondering what these creatures are, I'll be detailing what to expect from them as they're added into the game. They are hostile towards players; iron golems, villagers, and wandering traders within a sixteen block radius.

They attack by ramming enemies with their head causing a knockback effect. They can also damage crops and leaves, among other items while dashing quickly. If you have a shield you can block the damage from them while only being slightly knocked back. Minecraft Ravager Mob, What They Are
It is also worth noting that they can swim, so be cautious of that if you're escaping. The Ravager Minecraft skin is a sort of blue and grey, a very strange design for sure. This does however make them easy to spot when they're out and about in the wild.

This will be a different sort of mob entity as they are larger and distinctly a fresh animal option that seen in the real world. They are often found during raid situations. For context, they were previously known as illager beasts prior to getting a fresh name. Check out our hub for further guides and coverage of the block based game.

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