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Minecraft Wandering Trader and What They Do

The mysterious special Wandering Trader is the latest mob creature to join the wonderful block world of Minecraft. These special individuals are adventuring around and carrying exotic loot for you to trade for. They're quite interesting and what they do is provide a new way to interact with the villagers.

These characters often have roles and can always be found spawning naturally with towns or villages. You'll find them randomly across the worlds, with dynamic themes following a special update focused on them. The Wandering Trader will stay in these city areas for two to three days in-game before heading off to another location. Minecraft Wandering Trader and What They Do
They offer items from all around the Overworld including random dyes and other rare materials. They're easy to spot, they wear fancy robes and a rather interesting hood. They're also always accompanied by their special llama companion. This mob is a fancy take on the existing llama presenting a special design to match their hooded friend.

To recap, you can find this quiet and friendly new inclusion to the game at gathering sites in villages and the Minecraft Wandering Traders provides special goods that you can exchange items for in case you were wondering what they do in the game. Check out our hub for further guides and coverage of the block based game.

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