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Minecraft Landscaping Tropical Stranded Island Build Ideas

When it comes to unique designs in Minecraft, landscaping can be a hard thing to do. It's also not too common to get great build ideas for tropical type areas that carry a stranded island setup. This is meant to use the desert like area, add some light density and create a fresh setup for your areas.

This was initially meant to be a beach design, while it's still not as intended it is rather close to the one that's desired. The sand block does not have a slab option for it which is rather unfortunate. Hopefully this changes in the future. So instead of sand slabs, sandstone slabs are a good alternative option.
Minecraft Landscaping Tropical Design
They have very similar textures and it does pop up quite nicely as a detail, just so the ground would not be just sand. The palm tree has mostly symmetrical looking leaves. But in the centre of the tree, it is not as symmetrical, so it is not a perfectly symmetrical tree as I quite like the idea of having a unique natural look to it.

Water has been added around this small area to give it more of an island type design. You can of course use this palm tree in your regular desert oasis to add texture, grouping them or splitting them up and adding multiple palm tree creations. Be sure to slightly alter the palm bark so that your setups look unique. You can view other guides and various Minecraft articles in the hub for the game below.

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