Minecraft Pocket Edition Realm Livestream 13: Discovery Update

This is a Minecraft Pocket Edition Realm livestream with this Discovery update that adds a ton of new content to Skyland Online introducing the online Minecraft server for IOS, Android and Windows 10 devices.

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In Pocket Edition/Windows 10 we adventure within the crazy amazing world that Skycaptin5 and his Sky Minecraft community have created. The realm titled Skyland Online is a magical place featuring city buildings, PVP and other unique builds that help bring life into the exciting Realm and a place where players can meet each other. It’s also the best Minecraft Realm currently available online with a dedicated community that makes the place a great building location among friendly faces such as other player with unique skins and creatures such as Frienderman among the lovely Lorde paintings. During the stream we’ll be taking a look at new features such as Llamas, Terracotta Blocks, Concrete and more.

The best Minecraft Realm for the various mobile versions is shown here with some great landscaping work among other creations being displayed during the tour of the area.