Minecraft A Nightmare in Candyworld Review

The Minecraft A Nightmare in Candyworld is a Store Community World that offers a completely fresh adventure within the game. Created by Everbloom Studios this pack provides a lengthy time with a perfectly narrative driven adventure. This is a really good level, it's full of smaller details and lots of depth. The narrative is really well done and the way they implemented it into the Minecraft was what I've really wanted to see since the marketplace started. They have full cinematic segments that are a mix of visual and individual presence. This is done with a fairy tale style to it and while I did find the story to be darker than other worlds this is still something appropriate for all audiences.

There's a good mix of gameplay here as you take in the tale, battle waves of enemies and take on some minor puzzles. Nothing was too complex to solve, but honestly I personally have troubles with locked doors in the game and the movement based puzzle was beyond my abilities. Still, they offer ways around things and that was great. When it comes to combat I did find it rather difficult on the default setting. Luckily, there are options before you start and that regular hard one is seriously difficult while being overwhelming at times. There's a great amount of gameplay time here as it will certainly take more than a couple hours to complete, a new length for my adventures in the marketplace.
Minecraft A Nightmare in Candyworld Review

The Conclusion

This; A Nightmare in Candyworld from Everbloom Studios is an amazing map, it presents a well developed narrative and an exciting world. I liked most of the characters, the conversion of the game to candy is fantastic. Each segment of the story (there are multiple chapters) felt unique, had its own special creatures and was full of things to explore. The houses had details within them, items to loot and a fully converted texture set. I loved the weapons, the small sugar bears were terrifying and the boss fights felt epic. There's a good balance of gameplay here whether you want combat, puzzle solving or just a good story.

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Review Done on Minecraft Windows 10
Review World Provided by Everbloom Studios

Rating Overall: 9.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner