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Minecraft Lamp Post Design Ideas & Simple Guide

One of the side creations you might make while building a town, or just managing the lighting around your house may involve elevated posts. With that, here's a Minecraft lamp post design idea in the form of a simple guide. For context this is noted as ideas, is that this concept can be taken further.

You can see an image of it below for reference. The reason I like this example so much is that it's quick to build, can be adjusted easily and doesn't take much of an effort to scale. This can be great for quaint little houses out there in the world, or large scale cities. It provides adequate light, at an elevated position while taking minimal space. It glows well, and is hard to damage as environmental factors can cause problems. I consider all of these features to be optimal when crafting in the game. Minecraft Lamp Post Design Ideas & Simple Guide

You could of course go for something fancier, but this gets the job done and does so with many benefits. It's actually the general lamp post design I use in my Realm and the build team delivered this so I take no credit. To start; you'll need a base block at the bottom, it should be different from what you use as the shaft. Yet at the same time it should match what's placed on the top. The middle shaft should somewhat clash, yet blend in with the material you've selected for the bottom.

Note the picture and how the two look good together, try to get something similar going on even if you're using something such as wood. Above two or more of those shaft type pieces, place a light source. You can use glowstone which is probably easier to collect, or a sea lantern. I suppose there are other options, but I find those two to be the best. After that, place some trap doors on each side, this adds a neat design and feels slightly less lazy than just leaving the light out there. This can be of course be tweaked, or moved around and place literally anywhere in the world. Hopefully you found this helpful, you can read about landscaping below or check out our hub for further coverage.

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