Minecraft Frozen Review

November 23, 2019 at 3:25am
By Jason Stettner

The Minecraft Frozen is a Store Community World that offers a completely fresh adventure within the game. Created by Noxcrew this pack provides a series of mini games and collectibles to gather in an area that’s based on the Disney films Frozen, and Frozen 2. Both of the movies have their core locations presented in this world and it’s incredibly authentic. I was very impressed with this release, as it should be perfect for fans and a particular younger female audience. This is through an extra layering of gameplay that’s provided.

Not only are you just on an adventure, you’re also collecting loot in order to purchase special items such as furniture. Within the castle of Arendelle you’re able to collect, then adjust furniture, and play around with it to your heart’s content. There are also special costume items, and outside of the general pack itself you also get a pile of skins. There are versions of Elsa, Anna and the other characters from both of the movies. This should be great for fans that want to be their favorite Frozen characters anywhere in Minecraft. Going back to the world, which is vast and greatly detailed you’ll see many neat locations.

There are custom mobs such as reindeer from which you can use a sleigh version of them. They have a good fast travel and respawn system as well. This is excellent for single or cooperative multiplayer experiences and it all works perfectly fine. The sense of scale is greatly appreciated, and there are many surprises as collectibles are hidden throughout the world. You can also engage in a variety of mini games, and just take in the world which features a wealth of content from this franchise. Minecraft Frozen Edition Review

The Conclusion

This Frozen from Noxcrew is an incredibly detailed map, it presents a perfect representation of the Disney films and should be excellent for fans. There are many complex systems at play. That includes throwing snowballs to trigger events, a market system to gather furniture for usage and a pile of mini games. I appreciated the highly detailed locations you could visit, right from the movies I just watched essentially back to back.

It has music carrying the experience that is also reminiscent of what I imagine are favorites and so many neat things to discover as you freely venture around. There’s a brief and helpful tutorial, for you to be then just free. Collect special critters, meet characters you definitely will know and play a pile of mini games if that’s something you’d like to do. Have to collect those coins in order to decorate I suppose.

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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner