Minecraft Earth Hub

Minecraft Earth Hub with all content for this augmented reality take on the series bringing the blocks of the game into the real world as a free to play title.

Minecraft Earth Gameplay

Minecraft Earth from Mojang brings the game of Minecraft to the real world through augmented reality. Venture around collecting items from unique locations, and then use those to build upon biome areas. Craft whatever you’d like to, and then share that with others in the nearby vicinity. Collect mobs such as pigs, or just blocks to build a fort if you’d like to. Create whatever you’d like to with what you gather, and get out there in the real world to find things.

It’s a neat integration of taking an active lifestyle and then combining it with such a loved game. There are of course unique items to this version of Minecraft, and it’ll be exciting for players to collect them all. The game is available on IOS and Android mobile platforms that support AR. Get hunting, be wary of Creepers and drive around in your little minecarts to explore new regions in your local cities or neighborhoods!