Minecraft Earth, What is It?

Alongside the tenth anniversary of the core main game, another spin-off has been announced. This is titled Minecraft Earth and it’s a completely fresh take on the well loved blocking building game. You might be wondering what exactly this is, so I’ll go over the main details. This will be a free to play mobile version of the franchise available on IOS or Android platforms that support AR (augmented reality).

This allows the real world to be somewhere you explore with digital Minecraft elements being placed within it. The main concept is that you’ll go around your neighborhood to find blocks and unique mobs for your builds. Minecraft Earth Cover
Once you have them, you can go to any flat surface and build. This allows you to team up with friends to create unique designs and then place them in the real world to explore at a full size. If that’s not enough you can also test your survival skills by battling mobs as well. There are new items to craft, mobs to breed and crops to grow. It’s the experience you know, but it’s now applicable to the real world with others.

This will blend technology like Azure Spatial Anchors AR tracking and PlayFab to bring this to life. There will be a beta that comes prior to the full launch, it grants access to a special in-game skin upon sign-up. The game will eventually be available to everyone worldwide, but this will be done with a gradual roll out starting with the beta in summer 2019. It’s also worth nothing that the game will not have loot boxes included. Hopefully you found this helpful, you can read about Minecraft Classic Edition below or check out our hub for further coverage.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner